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Thread: Do's and Dont's FreeBSD

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    Red face Do's and Dont's FreeBSD


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    Whoops first post lol

    When installing FreeBSD
    1.) Don't forget to install the port SU
    SU= Super User it gives you permission as root.
    2.) Use root a little a possible.
    3.) When creating the partitions don't format them like this
    / /
    /VAR /EXT
    /TMP */VAR
    /USR */TMP
    /HOME */USR
    That way your / partition is alot more secure.

    Do set your clock with UTC
    The trick to getting XFree86 to work properly is
    setting it up in .sh mode
    """MAKE SURE"" your mouse protocol is set correctly.
    Don't "EVER" give someone else nomatter how good you know them
    ... No ROOT access should be given out ... Whatever they may change could make your system
    very vulberable and if they change it you might not ever finf out about it
    do set limitations
    a simple shell script could freeze your computer if you dont
    only give access to IRC if you have valid identificationb on the user on your system
    otherwise you won't have a ISP very long
    ---Samthing for compilers
    Do set a cronjob for long time idlers
    I had a few people with more than 5 accounts each on my system idleing for > 3 days
    The less program you use the better (less vulnerabilities)
    do monitior your /ETC/VAR/LOG messages for weird things
    I had a case when a use on my system was using a BruteForce on tftp it
    was only guessing 6/sec but I caught him on the 513th try and booted him
    and use 'rmuser'

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