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Thread: Linux supercomputer

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    Linux supercomputer

    Ok i have searched and have a book on supercomputing but i can't seem to find information on if you can make a supercomputer that just runs normal linux. I mean i have seen heaps of SC's that do specific OS that run calculations.
    But can u make a supercomputer that runs Linux?

    p.s. not a dual cpu computer
    p.p.s. a multi node supercomputer, not a commercial bought one (cray, etc)

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    You mean like a Beowulf Cluster, like NASA uses?
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    want it a little more easy, try mosix

    MOSIX is a cluster management system that was specifically designed to support parallel computing and massive parallel I/O. Its main advantages are ease-of-use and near optimal performance, e.g., by automatic assignment (and reassignment) of processes to the best available nodes.

    The core of MOSIX are adaptive management algorithms that monitor and automatically respond to resource requirements of all the processes vs. the available, cluster-wide resources. These decentralized algorithms are geared for maximal performance, overhead-free scalability and ease-of-use.
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