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Thread: fport usage???

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    fport usage???

    hi all and thnks for your help,
    i have installed fport just to keep un eye on what is going on on my pc but when go to c prompt cant access you use this program and what is command to access it?
    xp pro 512mg
    when go in c prompt dont have only c:\
    have c:\documents and settings \user
    thnks in advance

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    put the files in your c:\windows or winnt\system32

    since that is in your path, then you can run them from anywhere at command line.
    You could also modify your path to include the directory where you have fport, but its easier to put them in your system32.
    OR, simply browse to the folder you have fport. If you installed it to c:\fport\ then type "cd c:\fport" and then you can run it because you are in the right folder.

    fport is a pretty cood program. something I like to do is create a little batch file so I can get all the info from netstat and fport at the same time.

    create a .bat file with something similar to the following. put it in the same directory as your fport (in my case, system32). I call mine "fp.bat" so when I go to command line, I only need to type fp, it'll do its thing and open the results in notepad.

    If you don't have xp, the "tasklist" command may not work for you.
    The "ps" command might not work either... I have resource tools installed.

    fport.exe >c:\fport.txt

    echo ______________ >>c:\fport.txt

    netstat -on >>c:\fport.txt

    echo ______________ >>c:\fport.txt

    netstat -o >>c:\fport.txt

    echo ______________ >>c:\fport.txt

    tasklist >>c:\fport.txt

    echo ______________ >>c:\fport.txt

    ps >>c:\fport.txt

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