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Thread: Port 1025 - Blackjack

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    Port 1025 - Blackjack

    Heyya Guys and Gals,

    A mate and I are running a LAN in our unit, and we were trying to get MSN Messenger to work through our uni connection, but it wouldnt connect because there is a firewall.

    So I downloaded Advanced Port Scan (or something like that) and scanned the proxy server, and got Messenger working. And me being me, I thought I'd run a port scan on our network targeting his machine, and I saw he had 4 ports open, port 135 (loc-src), port 139 (netbios-ssn) and 445 (microsoft-ds), so I thought that's fair enough for them to be open I spose. But there was a last one, port 1025 (blackjack). I don't know what it was, so i searched in google and all I got were Online-Casinos.

    I was wondering if:
    - any should be open?
    - if blackjack should be open?
    - if it's not, how do i close it?
    and last but not least,
    - what does the port do (as in what programs would use it etc.)

    I anyone else has something to add, by all means add to it.

    Thanks Guys,

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    Check out this

    Port 1025 is the RPC Task Scheduler Port. IIRC, disabling/stopping task scheduler should stop this service (if you don't need it).
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    Ive also run into IIS using port 1025, the IIS admin i do believe.... Really any application can use the port so its not unusual for it to be open after all it is the first port after the (forgot words) ports.... those being 1-1024

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    hmmmmm. I was wondering what that port was. I've seen it on other networks.
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