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    Question viewing files

    Is there a way to view files with the extention of ".dll" ".dmp" ".msg" and so on?
    If so how? Can you guys point me to the right direction? Thanks!

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    Seriously, use Google to find applications specific for viewing different files. Compiled files will need some method of reverse engineering to view them.
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    for the msg and dmp.. yes.. notepad.. still, they might look a little "funky".

    What I do is put a shortcut to notepad in my windows/sendto directory, then right click on a file and sent it to notepad.

    as for the dll, google "w32dasm" it's a disassembler.

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    I have a proggy called "Total Commander" that allows you to view any file....some are pretty messy ('cause they need to be dis-assembled) but it's a handy feature all the same. Spend a week using Total Commander and I'll almost guarantee that you'll never open Windows Explorer again.

    Download the free demo @ .
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