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Thread: Remote scanning for ntpasses,display info in IRC channel?

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    Remote scanning for ntpasses,display info in IRC channel?

    If anyone has any ifo on how to do that,or anything connected to it please respond.Thanks a lot

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    For F#$% sakes....... grow up already..... Why don't you get the F@#$ outta here right now. First of all you can't even post a full topic or anything else. You basically said "Hi i'm a l33t skiddie hax0r and I want to impress my lil friends... help me". You gave no reasoning, and really didn't pose any thoughtful question or make it seem like you even had the slightest idea what you were talking about. Hell you prolly don't even know what IRC stands for... Then on top of that, you type one f@#$ing sentence and you have typos and mistakes. Couldn't you at least put a little thought into it? You are lucky that my negs don't count for much, or you'd sure as hell be banned by now.

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