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Thread: Websense Firewall

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    Websense Firewall

    my school has a firewall up that blocks everything... i don't want a miracle cure for breaking through it... just wnated to know if anyone has experience with the Websense Software so that i can learn more about it and experiment myself... the website for the product is:

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    If you want to experiment yourself, download the software and install it on your computer. Read the technical documentation about the software and learn how it works. Don't come here and act like you don't want it for illegal/forbidden uses. The problem with people is they always feel they need to justify themselves, but they do it in the wrong way. You made this mistake, saying you don't want to break through it.. the fact that you mentioned that and flew by it leads me to believe that you do. It's your schools software, it's what they use. It's really of no concern to you. It's not yours to experiment on, so leave it the f#$% alone. You are another person whom I'm going to tell to grow the F#$% up.

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    "my school has a firewall up that blocks everything"

    In which case I guess that their internet service bill must be pretty small?

    What do you mean by "everything"? perhaps you might give some examples? Hey I have seen these generic blocking rules prevent access to perfectly legit sites, but you really have to have a (polite) talk with your Admins, and they will fix are the guys studying, not them. Their job is to protect the facilities that you have, and none of us get it 100% right every time?

    Do not try to circumvent the firewall/router, these are not the only tools that the Admins have............and if, rather, WHEN, you get caught, you will be out of that school so fast your a$$ won't hit the deck...................would you like to explain that to your mom and dad?

    Apart from that you will lose all street cred................if you ever had any?

    I think that I might be permitted to speak on behalf of a number of members on this site and say that we don't like to see people getting hurt because of their "over enthusiasm" and lack of knowledge.......the guys you are up against have been doing it for longer? so don't try!

    Good luck and stay safe

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