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Thread: How to create Survey Form...?

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    How to create Survey Form...?

    Hi all, Im sorry, i'm not sure where to put this thread, so I just assume it is here. I like to ask you all what language should I use to create survey/questionnaire form online, Can I use Javascript, or DHTML, HTML? Because I'm not really sure in this thing.

    Let say, If I click option button number A, and haw to make option B,C,D n etc disable?

    Please help me...

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    Use Javascript for gathering info.... u could also use ASP scripting to gather information and load it to a database.....

    But what is imp. is the purpose of the form.... Kindly ellobrate on what u want the survey form to do for u......

    Also there are ready made scripts available for Poll Engines just google and find them out..

    All the best

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    I think that you can use simple form written in html / xthml. Input type would be radio... That will ensure that people would be able to choose only one option. And the form action will be post a clicked field to some php/asp whatever script that will procces it. Something like this:

    <form name='novinky' action='./novinky.php' method='post'>
        <input type='radio' name='NovVypracoval' value='option1' />option 1
        <input type='radio' name='NovVypracoval' value='option2' />option 2
        <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
    and the script could be something like this:

    PHP Code:
    "you have pressed ".$NovVypracoval.".";
    Or of course something more complicated - you can put result in database, make some stats, whatever.

    Or you can use (as prev posters said) javascript. That will cause that the data won't be send to the server but will be processed directly on users computer.

    And to make some terms clear - DHTML is not a standart defined by w3 consorcium. I think that we can say that DHMTL is nothing else than mix of HTML, CSS and JS.


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    How to enable the checkbox if more than 1 using javascript?

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