This is my first (of many I hope) about how two stop telling microsoft that you reinstaled windows xp, xp pro and xp server.

If you have any questions plz contact me. And plz forgive the spelling.{lol}

first thing you want two do is goto regedit.
startmenu run regedit
then goto hklm [hkey_local_machine] expand the folder.
next goto software , then goto Microsoft, next goto Windows NT, next goto currentVersion, next goto WPAEvents.
On the right hand side of the screen you will see a binary value that is called OOBETimer,
open the binary value by duble clicking on it, wright down the hex string.
Now when you reinstall it will ask you to activate click not at this time, then goto regedit
goback to the path open the binary value type in you'r old activathion code and you are set.

Hope this is A help to you guyz that reinstall every week like me.