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Thread: Xbox runs linux!

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    Xbox runs linux!

    heres a copy of the news i picked up from an xbox site:

    Xbox Linux is here!
    Press Release from The Xbox Linux Project,

    Linux successfully operating on Xbox for first time

    Network, Telnet, shell prompt, webserver operational

    EUROPE -- August 16 2002 -- Today the Xbox Linux project announced that it had succeeded in fully booting Linux on the Microsoft Xbox™ Gaming System. The free operating system Linux is able to be booted either from flash memory, or (more easily) from a CD inserted into the machine. (The Xbox still needs to have an Xbox modchip fitted to allow it to run unsigned code).

    This is a landmark in the struggle for control of the Xbox, which features PC-like hardware, an Intel™ CPU, a standard hard disk drive and DVD drive. Microsoft had been counting on the purchasers of the Xbox remaining passive consumers of paid-for content, and they additionally plan to market a paid-for walled community ISP service for the boxes later this year, known as 'Xbox Live'. However with the first release of Xbox Linux, consumers will soon have a choice to connect to the normal Internet, using normal browsers, and run any Linux programs for free. They will also be able to play any audio (e.g. MP3) and video content they choose without restrictions.

    In the first release Linux boots into a network-enabled state, running a web server and telnet, which allows you to log into the box from another machine. Although there is no audio or video output and input device connectivity yet, users have full control on the Xbox through the network, an Xbox with Linux can already be used as a network server, and by developers to add more features to Linux on the Xbox.

    Future releases of Xbox Linux are planned to fully support all Xbox hardware (video, audio), as well as standard keyboards, mice, webcams etc., so that it can be used just as an ordinary computer, but at a significantly lower price. The Operating System is made available under terms known as the GNU GPL, which mean that the software may be copied freely at no charge.

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    Linux is taking over everything. w00t

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    So, how can we view this? Can we see Microsoft releasing and developing more applications for Linux/UNIX systems? Or can we see them not caring? Or perhaps, they'll take actions against any system (Xbox) with Linux on it? What do you think?



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    Umm... maybe it's me but this is a) old news, b) I don't think MS cares since it's over 2 years old at this point and c) there's an open source project for it so MS' attitude is probably to let them run amok with it.
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