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Thread: small distribution

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    small distribution

    Does anybody know where I can find an operating system that will install and run on a 386 laptop? I need to be able to install it from floppies and would be willing to use a Command Line Interface. I have 4M of ram and 140M of Hard drive, and a black and white screen. I'd like to get the modem working for something like Pine in linux, but it isn't nessecary. Any help is appreciated.
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    why dont you try DOS

    and take a look at this, MenuetOS

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    Menuet is fits on one floppy, and is very good. For further Floppy OS's do a search on "Linux on floppies" on google.

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    Has everything from unix to linux to bsd tiny OSes

    Has links to many bootable thingies. Check the mini os section
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    I searched "small linux distribution floppy" on Google and found these:

    I only scanned the results quickly so probably there are lots of repeats.


    EDIT: Oops didn't realise the one was alread posted by Lansing_Banda.

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