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Thread: First Janet.. Now... (x-rated)

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    Talking First Janet.. Now... (x-rated)

    Sigh. These stars are all alike! No sense of morals or anything!
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    Ha ha ....... LoL , Janet Boo-boo

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    hahahahhahahahah. Honestly said i was expecting a video clip with Britney or something.

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    That is priceless I got to send that to a few people thanks alot for sharing it with us

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    Originally posted here by MemorY
    hahahahhahahahah. Honestly said i was expecting a video clip with Britney or something.
    Me too....thats great.
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    That was disappointing. I was hoping to see MsMittens' boob.

    or, it would have been better to see Janet rip Justin Timberlake's pants off to show the audience he wears a garter.

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    lol great i expected a real pic
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    Makes me rethink about buying pork belly futures!

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    Reminds me of janet alright but security freaks find the missing ornament that was to be on top.
    Yes a video clip wud definitely be beter.
    Fake video clips are already up on kazaa

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