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Thread: Hi all I'm new.

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    Hi all I'm new.

    I'm new to this, and I was woundering if anyone could help me out with something. I was woundering if anyone had any suggestions to where a new person should start reading information, and learning. I'm guessing I should start with learning security or something I don't know.

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    Well you definitely came to the right site if you are interested in computer security. But you'll need to decide what you want to learn first. I would recommend browsing all the various forums for a topic you might want to learn about and do a search of the forum for information directly related to that topic. I keep mentioning "that topic" to let you now that you will really need to close in on something rather keeping it so broad. Start with something like: "Learning my operating system inside and out" or maybe "Securing my home PC". And then once your home computer is secure as it can be, then expand and so forth. Don't forget to use it is your friend when it comes to searching.

    You'll want to review the newbie section of this site as well, there's tons of great stuff there.

    So tool around and see what interests you and then have fun with it.


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    Greetings Xylan...

    I've got a good link for you to get more 'into' security...

    Great stuff to browse through, and will get you to understand how seriously AND often the casual user is threatened. Most don't even know it. Scary.

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    Hi mate!

    On this site I would browse through the tutorials forum first. You will quickly see if any particular offering is of interest to you, and you can always go back to the others later


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    Hi Mate....

    To start with...

    Go through the tutorials sections....

    Regularly visit Try thr reading room...


    Online whitepapers resources

    Few Security Portals like

    Recommended books...

    Hacking Exposed (Assumption that u have clear understanding of Network)

    BTW : All senior Members AO members... could we not have a thread which a sort of demonstrates the requirements for any person who is new to security...... and Pin it in Newbie forum.. similar activity can be undertaken for TOOLS... as this are the most frequently asked question and we end up having multiple threads addressing the same issue.... Just an suggestion....
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    The best place to start is your own system. Make sure you truly understand what it's doing and why. Then go and find info (this site should be a good start) about securing your own system.

    IT Security is a broad subject. You may need to make a selection of the things you are interested in. Start by looking around this site and try and decide what you want exacly.

    Also note that most of us have been reading/studying/experimenting for at least a couple of years. Don't expect to become a wizard anytime soon
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    Thanks all for your help

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