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Thread: God Damn The Media

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    God Damn The Media

    God damn the media, it's crackers not hackers , cracker cracker crackers ahhhhh shut up shut up shut up !!

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    Hehe.. we've debated this issue. However, there is one point that someone said in regards to this previously and I think it might be a valid one: crackers has a particular "derogatory" term/meaning, at least in North America. So that might be more of a reason why they won't use it.

    That plus "hackers" sounds "thexy".

    I don't think they'd be too bad if they said malicious hackers.
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    Hmmm... I figured it was because "cracker" is derogatory slang term for "white guy"..

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    yep Cracker sounds more of like a firework or something. sorry to say mikester2 but it's too late now it has been so popularised now that now sometimes even we also refer crackers as hackers

    yep and it sounds a hell lot Sexier

    just my one cent.

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    groov that is what MsM's meant.

    The media are idiots. At the same time they also only cover stories that destroy the image of a "Hacker".

    I swear I haven't seen a good article about a "Hacker" in a while.

    Even if someone let's there teacher know about an issue, they are painted as a Evil Super Genius that has taken over the schools computers and only told the teacher at the last second.

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    Doh...totally misread that!!!

    /me goes to punish myself with a wet noodle

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    Who the hell cares? The term hacker is just a better sounding and cooler way of saying computer enthusiast and hell that could be any Joe Blow who has ever touched a computer. Truth be told any Joe Blow given enought time can make hello world appear on their screen then call themself "a hacker". What really ticks me off is they are all a bunch of peaple who can't admit that hacking is less of a state of mind than it is just another scene to be appart of. I have yet to see a modern self proclaimed "hacker" who didn't

    A: Have a huge lust for braging rights.
    B: Just wanted to hang with other computer litterates.
    C: Started out beleaveing the media hype or saw the hacker.faq and thought "WOW COOL I gotta be in on that!"

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    Yeah Specialist you are right about those three things. I will say that alot. Though I need to add one more to that list.

    D: Wants most End Users to think they are cool, or knowledgable.

    ****ing Lamers.

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    I'm not much of a hacker but I AM a white cracker.

    Honestly, I don't think many white folks consider that to be derogatory anymore.
    It's too old to be taken in the negative context and was never much of a "put down".

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    Actually (sit back for your history lesson now) in Florida, cracker was an extremely deragotory term in the 1800's. It was on the same level as using the "n" word to describe black people now. It was used to describe poor white squatter families. However, the connotation has changed as time passed, and it is now kind of a joke. There is a bar here called The Cracker bar, and there is a particular type of home that is called a cracker house, and it's a really neat type of house. It is one story, with huge windows, and really really deep porches on all 4 sides. You can open the windows all the way around the house to catch the breeze, and it doesn't matter what kind of day it is, the porches assure that there will never be direct sunlight coming into your house.

    Not that this really has anything to do with the thread, but I thought it was interesting.
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