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Thread: New Adware - News Player**HEADS UP**

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    New Adware - News Player**HEADS UP**

    Yep, another potentially bad adware program is circulating. NAI has a very sketchy write-up on it but after seeing the delivery of this program, there has to be malicious intent.

    Here is the NAI writeup:

    Here is the actual pitch:

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    Thanks horse. It's always good to know what your patches actually do, eh?


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    Spread by AIM, who ever made it really sucks.

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    Hey everyone, i was a member back in high school about 2 years ago my name was dammitberky i believe. but anyway i'm back now and i'm glad i am. I've been reading for a few days now but here is my first post.

    So i learned a while back about 4 lines of html code, javascript i beleive actually, that could execute any file on your computer, (for example i navigate to a web page and a command prompt automatically opens up.)

    and now its known that a webpage link can be sent out to everyone in a buddylist automatically.

    with just one more thing any virus could be run on millions of computers in just minutes.
    i know there are ways to automatically make someones computer download a file, but i am unsure exactly how well it works right now, currently i beleive someone would have to at least agree to it, or click ok.

    If someone put these three things together there is a dangerous tool. I was just thinking about that and thought i should share it.
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    it has been thought of berk and patched then thought of again and patched again. the beast was spread this way. this 'virus', which is being discused in another thread, has a elua which they call a privacy statement in which you agree to allow them to use your computer to send ads to your friends, hi-jack your browser, put in an AIM "helper" that sends its link to those on your buddy list as an IM from you and last but not least, if you download their software you agree to allow them to install upgrades to it in the future. all because people see "game"or "media viewer" and can't wait to read the fine print. just gotta have 'free'

    "Spread by AIM, who ever made it really sucks."....are you referring to AIM or the scumware. :-)
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