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Thread: Beware: email

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    Beware: email

    I got an email this morning that looked really professional from telling me something about updating credit card information but I have no account or anything to do with fleet.

    When I went over the link to the website ( which read it actually looked like it was going to

    So I was figuring they were exploiting one of IE's numerous bugs but it wasnt really a bug, it was just a craftly put together link. What he/she had done was passed as the user then used hexadecimal character in the remaining part to look like it was a normail link to

    After decoding it completely


    I guess this is one of the reasons Microsoft decided to remove the functionality from IE for passing usernames and password in the url.

    This is just a heads up. It appears is already aware of this and that Asian Pacific IP you see in the decoded link is already down.
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    You might want to forward that to Anti-Phishing Working Group that keeps information about these kinds of activities.
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