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Thread: Vulnerability analysis

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    Vulnerability analysis

    i have a question. when searching for vulnerabilitys in systems, such as on the ICAT Vulnerability Database what is the best way to interpit the results.... i somewhat understand it but sometimes is really hard to interpit, what can i study to better increase my knowlege on security????

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    Well, it really depends on the OS and the system that you're using to scan it.

    You mentioned ICAT Vulnerability Database, I'd check out, which has a lot of information. The searc there should be pretty good guide, it lets you search for how recent, how high the risk is, what type and many other things, as well as OS customization. A valuable resource.

    Could you be a bit more specific about what it is your trying to do or find out, though? I'm not really sure this answers your question or that I even fully understand it.
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    what sort of things shall i studey to be abl to successfully exploit and exploit

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    rwarren, I would suuggest against asking a question like how do I successfully use an exploit on here, many of us on here are the folks who have to deal with those who try and do this so you are asking for trouble.

    If you want to know how exploits work, well learn all about networking, and programming, and so go buy some books, and read what you can on here and elsewhere on the web
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    well just to say, i amnot going to use this in a bad way. i just hope to use this info to learn more about securiity... i plan to go to ITT-Tech in boise idaho.... but i would like a little head start.... understand

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