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Thread: Router IP adress

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    Router IP adress

    If i type in an Internet café to the command line ipconfig, it writes to me only the IP adress of the router.(I think, it is a router, because if I scan ports on that IP adress, it shows me nothing and I am sure they haven't firewall there) But how can I get the "real" IP adress of the computer(I think that if I scan it, it shows me the port it is running)?Or, more exactly, how can I go over the router?I've tried link, but it doesn't work. Can you help me?

    And if somebody has open a www site(port 80), and i scan ports on his computer, will it shows to me without port 135 and 139 also port, on which is the page sending data to him(For example 80)?
    I will know it only for information value, not for hacking and destroying the pages.

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    Chances are it does not have a WAN (internet based) IP because it is in fact behind a router, and thus only has a LAN IP.

    I know that may sound confusing, but the best thing for you to do is research how routers and network work, so that you can get both a better idea of what I mean, in conjunction with being able to solve this situation. Read the below links inside and out so you can understand how networking in fact works, and thus gaining experience and knowledge.

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    Appropriate links:

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    Well.... For a start... ipconfig will show you three things.

    1. The IP address of the machine
    2. The subnet mask of the machine
    3. The default gateway of the machine, (the router)

    If you are scanning the IP address of the machine it may well show nothing since your scanner may not be capable of scanning the local machine

    As to your other question..... I think Pooh gave you the perfect answer...... You need to learna lot more before you satrt delving into stuff like this.....

    And lastly..... If it were my cafe I would have a monitor on the system and if your scanned the cup of coffee in front of you it would be the last time you entered my store. Just think about it....
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