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Thread: Packetstormsecurity Update

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    Packetstormsecurity Update

    I went to the site today and saw this:

    On January 12, 2004, Packet Storm had its connectivity turned off without any forewarning.

    After the plug was pulled, it took approximately two weeks to get a straight answer from our provider as to whether or not we were going to get turned back on. It seems that when bandwidth is donated to a worthy cause, the cause is not so worthy when it comes to returning phone calls. In the end, our hosting was cancelled. Due to the abrupt turnoff, we did not have time to set up safe hosting elsewhere.

    If you have a strong, fast, and secure location that can host 4-12U's of rack space, please contact fringe[at] with any information.

    Packet Storm has no plans to fall under corporate sponsorship again and we hope that the security community understands that this transition does not mean we are going anywhere.

    We do plan to get the site back up to speed and updated within the next week, but mail and cgi services will be unavailable. They will be restored once we have a permanent home. Please do not bother attempting to send in submissions until you hear otherwise.

    Again, many thanks to all of our supportive mirrors that are taking on all the traffic while we are in the middle of fixing this ordeal.

    Thanks again for your patience,
    Packet Storm Staff
    What I find interesting is that they lost connectivity and evidentally were unaware or who knows what. Does anyone have further details to this? Perhaps the EU or US (Patriot Act?) wanting to shut them down from posting exploits and such?


    I looked for the original discussion on this but damned if I could find it..
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    whis i did. this is the most info ive seen on the subject to date. every few days i kept trying the site only to find the same old page (jan 12?..2?)
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    I looked for the original discussion on this but damned if I could find it..
    Really? What did you search? A quick AO search of packetstormsecurity will give you the original thread as the second hit. (The first hit is this thread).

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