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Thread: Can somone help?

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    Question Can somone help?

    My cousins fiance know a 22 year old that everyone know about his alias but not his reeal name. Microsoft and other big companies have been hacked by him, gone through all of thier security files to find a flaw, shuts down the system if one is found, calls them up saying he could've done this but was going to help them, and uses a language that the modem understands. They all want to pay him six digit pay checks but he thinks it is more fun to do what he doing right now. What is this modem language? My cousin has seen this happen and I believe him.

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    And my tomcat wrote the nimda virus.............true.................seen it on a website )

    Get a life old chap .................I would take a 30-06 an improve the quality of the human genetic pool..............and charge them 100,000 for it..................but it would be a one off payment?

    Just think...............I bet your "cousin" is pissing himself laughing at you?

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    uses a language that the modem understands.
    Squeel...squack squawk....buzzzzz......
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    Mine goes



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    Mine is like...



    [still silence]

    (cable modem )

    And my tomcat wrote the nimda virus.............true.................seen it on a website

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    you show me someone who would walk past a six digit paycheck and ill show you a freaking moron that doesnt even know what a damned computer is. Tell u cousins fiance's geerbils mother to tell you another bed time story. This isnt "hackers or "swordfish" or "the matrix" or "insert cheesy hacking/computer movie here". Hacking isnt like that.

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    Does she handyman88 ? Can I get an autograph ?

    are you sure nihil cause my fishes over here told me that they coded it in under 5 minutes ?

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    I want the computer/room setup they had on swordfish...that was tight!

    Who the hell would pass up 6 digit paychecks (not salary) paychecks.

    My modem sounds like R2D2. Handyman if you want to, you can go too and pull off the latest version of the C3PO translator I think it is in the DL area called C3P01.7.exe this will help you and you cousin to translate what seems to be an R2D2 modem sound in to easily understandable english. YAAHHH! Yes handyman all you need is to DL C3P01.7.exe and you can be a hacker just like Halle Berry!

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    Oh dear, oh dear...

    You're not the guy that wrote to me to ask me to train you to be a hacker, are you?

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    Oh dear God, closed before you get burned.

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