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Thread: installing gentoo>?

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    installing gentoo>?

    i am trying to install gentoo on my puter but i don't understand the instructions at gentoos home page. is thier a site ware they tell my step by step how to install gentoo from live cd1 and cd2 ?

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    Gentoo is an incredibly difficult yet rewarding installation experience, gaining insight as to how Linux works on the lowest levels. This does, however, require a lot of reading and manual reference so you learn not just how to install gentoo, but how the linux OS works. Here is a link to the installation manual (the most up to date one), that i recommend you printing out and having with you.

    For the most part it is step by step, with instructions, guidelines, recomendations and the like along with it. Read it, learn it, and study it. Because if you actually wanted a step by step simple installation instead of a step by step learning installation, you would have wanted to install Redhat instead

    Good luck, and feel free to post any questions here, and I will glady be of further assistance.

    PS: A word of advice. Don't give up, no matter what, because it will be worth it.

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    The doc's at seem to be sufficient, its pretty simple... Just tar xfz the stage you want, make the required changes to system files and get it boot-strapping. Read the Guide on carefully, its hard, but like sun tzu said, very rewarding becase you get a very up to date system.
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