Hey all. When i was googling for live linux, this came up. It's called Slax. Runs completely from the cd, like knoppix and phlak. actually, more like knoppix, cause it has the linux kernel. Site says it is based on Slackware. Included programs:


The main goal is to let it contain all software I think is useful, and to make it small so you can burn it to a 185 MB CD-R(W) (8 cm CD medium).

All your available partitions and data storage devices (CDroms, USB flash disks, etc.) should be recognized at the boot time and should be mounted to /mnt/xx. The "xx" could be for example "disc0part1" for your first partition on your primary master disk, "disc1part1" for your USB flashdisk datastorage, or "cdrom0" for your CDrom drive, etc. SLAX will never write anything to your mounted devices itself. Mounting is safe, it doesn't change your data.

After booting, you should be able to login as a "root". Password is "toor"; both without quotes, of course

When logged, you have several options to do. For example start Midnight Commander (type "mc" to the console), play some music from your harddisk (type "mpg321 /mnt/path/file.mp3"), adjust your audio volume (by typing "rexima"), configure IP address (type "netconfig") or browse web pages with text-based browser (type "lynx http://url").

When tired of annoying console, type "gui" (graphics user interface). It will autoconfigure your graphics card, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and will run Xwindow session with KDE. I'm pretty sure that from this part you will know what to do, just use your mouse :-)

In the case your mouse do not work try to move it a few seconds, it should autodetect it. If not, shut down Xwindow (press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) and start it again. If this won't help then you are using something I cannot autoconfigure (COM mouse?). Try to modify the symbolic link /dev/mouse manually, it should work then.

If you don't like the autodetected screen resolution, refresh rate of your monitor or KDE window manager, try to start "gui" with some additional options. Try for example "gui 800x600 60", where 800x600 is the desired screen resolution and 60 is desired refresh rate. If you wish to use fluxbox window manager instead of KDE, use "guifast" instead of "gui", or run the gui command with fluxbox argument (for example "gui fluxbox 1024x768"). Type "gui --help" for more info.

SLAX CD contains

* kernel 2.4.23
* Xfree86 4.3.0
* KDE 3.2 beta2
* KOffice 1.3 beta2
* KDE games
* mplayer 1.0pre3
* kopete
* midnight commander
* rdesktop
* hotplug support
* cdrtools
* k3b burning GUI for KDE
* imagemagick
* mutt email client
* wget
* and much more...

I'm downloading the ISO now, so ill post back when i've had a chance to play around with it...Website is here