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Thread: Windows=Soul Sucker

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    Unhappy Windows=Soul Sucker

    Anyone notice how my posts have all been pansified lately? For the past week or so?

    Well, its because I'm no longer using Linux. I switched to XP for my desktop, and Server 2003 for my laptop. I want to switch back. I miss SuSE, I miss Slack. But I can't play Everquest on them.

    ::Sigh:: I miss Linux. I LOVE YOU LINUX!

    As soon as I get $30...yes, yes....when I have $30 I shall get Transgaming. Then I shall be the master of *nix and Windows! I SHALL UNITE THE TWO REALMS!!!

    Actually, I'll just be able to play EQ and still have a functional computer. Plus the whole "not-having-my-soul-sucked-out-thing."

    I can't focus or do real work when I'm on Windows. ::Sighs:: Oh well.
    There is a ghost in the machine, and he is my friend.

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    Everquest? Hmmm! Old Memory of my Arch Lich Necro on Tholuxe Paells.. Level 65 with 150aa! hehe!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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