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Thread: Achtung keylogger

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    Achtung keylogger

    How to use the achtung keylogger, that you have in your antionline downloads? I've downloaded it but there isn't any readme, where can I find where it is logging the keystrokes.
    Can u help me?

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    ne0gen I moved this to Newbie Security Questions as this is where it belongs or maybe even in AntiOnline how do I?

    The answer to your question I havent time to look myself but some advice, many of the programs in the download section are outdated, go to for a better, newer version.

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    Maybe I missed something there Ennis, but all I see is removal tools.

    I wasn't able to find any documentation either (no big surprise).

    ne0gen, it looks like you have a perfect opportunity to do some research. If you haven't already installed the keylogger, find some softwarethat generates an MD5 hash of everything you have installed on your computer.

    Then find a copy of Tripwire... learn how to use it (there are versions for windows, even free ones) It's a good opportunity to refine your searching skills.

    Find WinPatrol, and regprot, and install them. A firewall of some sort would probabl;y be helpful. There's probably half a dozen other programs that are equally helpful, but I can't think of any more free ones right off hand.

    Also, if you are running XP, enable your event logs. You should be able to monitor almost anything that changes in your system now. Here's a pretty decent article that will help you along....

    Now install your fine keylogger..... see what changes. I'd wager that after a few hours of effort, you would know more about the achtung keylogger than anyone here. And that would give you another perfect opportunity to earn some green ap's by writing up what you discovered and sharing it with the rest of us. See how that works...neat, huh?

    Great galloping ghosts...all these just gotta love that. Big fun here.

    In the event you already installed it, the link Ennis provided for you will lead you to some free removal tools.

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