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Thread: Where the Hell Do I begin?

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    Question Where the Hell Do I begin?

    Hi there,

    I just want your suggestions about learning a programming Language.

    Which is the most suitable language to begin with?

    Any suggestions would be appreciable.


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    If I may, first what are you trying interested in coding? Copy protection for dvds, or writting an ip scanner?

    You can start by deciding with what you want to write.

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    Thread moved from Programming Security to General Chit Chat.

    This is a rather broad question. Perhaps we should ask what you know and what it is you want out of programming?

    Start simple: scripting is a good place to start. Shell scripts, perl and even PHP are nice to begin with or VBScript (if you're on a Windows platform)

    C is also a good language to grasp but be prepared to work at it.
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    I am not sure what you want to do but, I will say you should think about starting with a high lvl langauge.

    If I would have to say I would say start with HTML just so you can make youself a Website. (Always a plus to have) Then move on to C (My personal favorite.)

    Now what language you use also depends on what you want to code, some languages work better for different things.

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    If you want to learn how to program, learn C++ or even Java. Java is easy to learn and most computer science courses teach Java. Dont start with QBASIC. It'll give you bad habits. Perl is a fun language, but its not like anything else (besides shell scripting). Perls easy to wrtie but hard to read.

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    I found Visual Basic very easy to learn... Design of the GUI is a breeze and it lets you get straight into coding without worrying about including files or anything. C/C++ would probably be ideal to learn if you plan on programming for an OS other than Windows. If found it harder to grasp, though. There's also cost to consider. If you want to get into Visual Basic you'll have to buy the Microsoft software (unless there is some free compiler out there that someone made). On the other hand, there are many free C compilers out there that will work just as well as commercial software (probably the only difference is the commercial ones have many tools that are integrated into the software like debuggers and the such). Once you really learn one language, it will become easier to learn others because they all have the same main ideas behind them. I'm not really that knowledgable about programming yet... You might not want to take all of my advice. Search Google and Antionline, check out some books from the library, whatever. Read up on the topic and ask questions along the way. Eventually you will be on your way to becoming a master programmer like me

    Hope some of this helped. Later,

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    Well, if you want to start with something mind-numbingly simple, there is a new language out called Leopard. You can check it out here . It's great if you just wanna make really simple GUI windows programs, really fast. Personally, i learned QBASIC, then C, then a little Java, and now i'm trying to learn C++. Try a couple languages out, and see which one you like. C can be a little overwhelming at first, but QBASIC and other really high level languages sometimes teach you bad habits (such as not having to declare your variables before you use them) you will have to "unlearn" if you want to code well in other languages. It's really all a matter of what you wanna do, and how you like certain languages.

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    I would give Python a try It is a important part of google since it started in 1995

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