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Thread: weird IM problem

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    weird IM problem

    (16:54:44) Username: how far can you get?

    every time I take my AWAY msg down, I get a wierd link from my friend, but he is not sending it and it is always of a game from

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    It's a virus-like annoyance. Read about it here


    Google News Articles on it

    This quote might answer your question:

    That is the way some AOL Instant Messenger users are describing an unwanted trick message that's making the rounds of AIM buddy lists. Fortunately, it is not a computer virus.

    The message, which appears to come from someone on a computer user's buddy list, contains a link to what's purported to be an Osama bin Laden game. Along with the message comes up a pop-up box asking whether the user wants to install a program.

    If the user clicks "yes" to install the program, adware is installed on the computer that delivers advertisements or promotions. Clicking "yes" also appears to give the sender's permission to send a duplicate instant message to everyone on the user's buddy list.
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    I have not got any complaints on my part, is there a chance I may have got it from him?

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    You might want to have your friend look into this program -

    is there a chance I may have got it from him?
    If you went to the site and let the program install, you probably have it.

    You should get Ad-aware (click) and scan your computer with it at least once a week. Keep it updated. Its free for home users.

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