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Thread: Hacker links in Antionline?

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    Ok I mean I hit a link to a listed site from here... redirected to the site and downloaded the something there. That site do have a warning..

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    I have a question here, Since you have been browseing around for that type of thing who are YOU to judge AO, AOers, and ethical standpoints? Now don't get mad I'd just like to know or hear what type of answer you have for that.

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    I don't see why anyone should get incredibly worked up about it. I know nihil was saying that people use it to see what the "dark forces" are up to...but that's not the only reason. Sometimes that sort of stuff can be interesting because you just want to know how it works. That doesn't mean that you are actually going to download any viruses, etc. and use them on someone. It doesn't even mean that you are going to use them.

    I mean, I watch loads of bloody films, but I don't insist on blowing ppl's brains out or chopping ppl up. (perhaps not the greatest argument ever). Basically, I don't see what could be wrong with learning about something that is not in itself illegal (as in it doesn't become illegal until you use it wrongly) in order to learn.

    I assume that there must be many other people (damn...I just couldn't say "ppl" again :P) here on antionline that get kicks out of learning in the same way as me.


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    listen please

    I think that they should delete it because it can be liked to a trojan or other malware

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    before I ever open a file I virus scan it several times just to make sure. is this un needed or by then is it to late?
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    I agree there's value to learning from what the other side is up to, but I don't think there's any reason for us to host links that are purely maliscious (sending nasties with no warning and no other apparent value) If you find something like that on the site, contact us (admins or JupM folks) and let us know which link caused trouble, where you found it, and what kind of trouble it caused.

    We try to be pro-active about issues like this, but it's easier to fix such things when the community is helping us identify them, instead of relying on only a few of us to find them.

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    well, seeing as most people here are intelligent with computers, it is technically a "hacker" site. however, that phrase is thrown around so many times. who knows the meaning now a days. anyway, its just more on securing networks. to learn how to secure your network, you must know the holes in it. that is why we have that stuff. now bomb recipes, i have no idea why those are here.
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