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Thread: How do i change this file

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    Question How do i change this file

    Hello All, I am having a bit of trouble trying to send my resume via email.
    I scanned my resume and created a 'Rich Text Document' which is 52.4 MB, this
    is too big and have tried changing it to a 'Wordpad Document' and a 'Text Document'
    and the screen is blank when i click on the files, i can only see my resume in .rtf .
    I need the file to be under 1kb is there a way to do this?, and if so could anyone
    assist me please. Thanks in advance. TidaLphasE23.

    BTW. i am running xp pro

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    You want a 52.4 MB file converted into a file that is under 1kb. Damn me if anybody knows a way to do that.

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    I can compress the .rtf file down to 1.15 MB. My question is, if i scan my resume
    into .txt or .doc there is nothing on the screen. What is the best way to scan my resume and
    keep the file size to a minimum, and actually see it on the screen. Thanks again.

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    you might try to compress it with winrar.. it packs things a bit tighter..

    also, you might upload your file to your own website, then link the file.

    look in the webdevelopment forum section.. jenjen posted a thread about free webhosts.

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    Hi Tidal,

    I am afraid your problem is the scanning bit, which is by its nature, graphics rather than text orientated.

    I take it you want the file to be under 1MB? you will not get it under 1K, as I believe that even a blank .rtf would be bigger than that?

    I think that you are going to have to "bite the bullet" and sit down and re-type it in wordpad or whatever.


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    Yeah, if you scanned the resume, thats your problem.

    I'd do as nihil suggested, and face the facts and site down and retype it.

    As nihil said, when you scanned the resume, windows treats it as a graphic file. thus the reason its so big.

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    Ok, you have XP Pro, so what I recommend doing, is, if you have the means to do so, get Office XP, and use Word. Word has templates so it doesn't look shitty, and you can use one of those, make it look nice, and then you can save that to a floppy so you can make copies if you ever need to.

    Making it 1 KB without making it look like **** is just not going to work man, sorry heh. I would recommend Office though. If you don't have the money to, or have no way of using it, well, I get wordpad is going to be your best bet. Unless you want to try a free or open source program. But I still don't think 1 KB and making it look nice is going to be possible.

    I do have to agree though, you more than likely will need to re type this information. Trust me, I know this can be a pain in the ass. Which is why I have a .doc of my resume backed up on CD-ROM and on floppy, and on zip drive.

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    Thanks all for the responses. Looks like i will be typing it out in wordpad
    to get what i need. Again many thanks to all those who replied.
    Cheers. TidaLphasE23.

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    ?? I must be confused or something.?? What is wrong with cutting and pasting to notepad or wordpad?
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    and obviously the 1kb was a typo.. he did mean one meg.. as in his email attachments allowed for one meg max.

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