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Thread: Some Various Questions

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    Some Various Questions

    For starters I put this thread in here because I didn't know where else to put it. With that being said, I have a few oddball questions.

    I recently installed DSL and although I didn't think anything would change in my settings, apparently it did. (I currently us Windows ME as my OS.)
    For starters, it seems I now have a javascript error of some sort. Perfect example, the 'assign positive or negative antipoints to this post' link here at AO no longer works (no window pops up). It's not only here, there are other web sites where the links won't work.

    Initially I thought it was my browser settings (Mozilla 1.5) or my Firewall (Agnitum Outpost Pro). However, this is not the case as I checked my firewall and my browser and javascript is enabled in both. I then checked my Internet Settings, same deal. Java is enabled in Security->>Internet settings. In all instances, both java applets and java are enabled. My firewall also has no record of blocking any instance of javascript in its blocked counters. I then switched back to IE and tried using the links, and same deal. they don't work. If I check the properties of the link by right clicking on it, I get
    Protocol: Unknown Protocol
    Type: Not Available
    Address: javascript:void(0);
    The only thing I can think of doing is trying to download a more recent version of the Java Plug-In (which I'm doing as we speak).

    My other issue is more just a question about a process I'm seeing in my firewall logs. The processes are called BOOTPC and BOOTPS. From what I've read about these processes, it's just a way for a client computer to obtain an IP address?. Boostrap Protocol Client/Server if I recall correctly. Anyways, I keep seeing this reoccuring in my firewall logs in intervals ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. Is this normal? Is this process supposed to occur multiple times?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What version of IE are you using? You might want to reset your Ie Security to Medium in the Internet Zone also.

    To download Java, go here
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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