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Thread: I need XP driver for LANF7236G Network Adapter..

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    I need XP driver for LANF7236G Network Adapter..

    Hi there ppl, it seams like friday 13 really is on a "bad luck mood" for me here..

    I have on my older pc ( a PII 416Mhz ) a network adapter "D-Link Delta LANF7236G", that was kinda like a "gift"..well, it was free..the thing is that i have there win XP Pro, and it does not recognize the adapter at all, and when i force and install Microsoft Loopback driver, says that i have a network running "Local Network" on the Network settings, but when i choose to config it it doesnt work... guess is that its a prob with drivers..right?!!!! please say it is..cause i checked on the back of the PC and all the lights are on..

    Ah, also the adapter is not PCI..its, how can i explain, its on that bigger slot, like, the older ones..i guess u guys understand me. Its not a PCI.

    I whent here, but no drivers for XP ..

    Can anyone help me out? please, its important!!!

    Thanx for all the support on these forums!

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    and don't forget that if there are no drivers for XP... drivers for 2000 will also usually work

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    It's a ISA board type..

    I dunno.. could be a tough one to find.. I searched d-link for a DL2518.. as I think that model number isn't quite right.. or that it was sold outside the us and not supported.

    the reason I say DL2518 is because of this reference. unforutunatly, the link you find there brings you to a generic page at d-link that seems to NOT talk about your NIC card..

    you might just spend 10 bucks or so at a computer fair and get a new card. sorry..

    edit: just now looked at the links posted above.. that second link brings you to the link that I had posted.. the first one might be worth a shot..

    the username and password for that place is..


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    Hi Owmen,

    Your kit is European I think, and our model numbers are frequently different from American ones.

    sumdumguy is quite correct, the board will have (I guess) some long brown slots and some shorter white ones (PCI)..................the long brown ones are ISA.

    I would expect that XP pro will not support most ISA networking devices, because you should not be running it (XP) on a PII.................remember that XP was released after the P4 processor.

    Some questions:

    1. What exactly do you want to do with the old machine?
    2. Does it have much data that you want to keep?
    3. Do you have any spare PCI slots?


    EDIT: you will probably have to look at NT4 drivers, as they are of about the same era.

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