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Thread: Port Exploit

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    Port Exploit

    k, when you telnet, and find open ports.. how do you get in from there? the only way i've found to get a password is to take forever and guess, or brute force... is their an easier way? and if you could, i'd appreciate an idea on how to exploit a port.. it may be a stupid newbie question.. but i have no idea
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    this sounds kinda shifty.
    oh yeah and your not so much exploteing an open port as the service that hat the port open

    ie: if it had an ftp server on it you wouldnt look for ftp explots but explotes for specific type of ftp server taht the "target" computer is running

    iff your going to look for explote you better do it on your own lan to computers you own.

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    Now don’t take this wrong but this is a very stupid question. Not necessarily because you’re a stupid person, I have no way of knowing that not even from this question, but the question shows that you have no idea the depth of the subject your approaching. Why is that…because your new to it.

    Some advise:


    Notice what happen here when people ask ‘how do I hack?’

    If it appears that you have a thirst for knowledge as to how things work, people are going to help you.

    If you just want to find an easy way to break into someone's computer then get the F#%k out of here or we’ll throw you out. There are plenty of sites for skript kiddies around the internet and your not going to turn this into one of them.
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    Re: Port Exploit

    Originally posted here by pixiepunk
    i'd appreciate an idea on how to exploit a port.. it may be a stupid newbie question.. but i have no idea
    Your not going to exploit "a port". But here is a idea browse here... and then get into a little web-dev... also get into something like C or perl scripting. Then try to create you own programs and scripts to take advantage of each and every one of the vulnerabilities listed there. Lazy *****s.

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    learn it your self

    hey man i dont know if your hacking but you have to lean that all by your self man no one can help you at all your on your on man so but good luck man
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