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    Its the time in my college career where I need to get an internship position for the summer.

    My major is Computer Science and Computer Security. Its actually a double major, which requires me to do two internships - but I am hoping to do one in security and have enough hours to knock both off.

    I figured I'd post on here, so if anyone knew of any openings in their or other companies, or could just give me suggestions on where to apply. I'd like to work for any mid to large sized company. Anywhere in the US is fine, but I live within 2 hours of NYC & Philidelphia.

    Thanks to all, and wish me luck.

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    you could always sign up for an internship at the DoD if you're bored. heh. Just an idea...
    go to Seriously though, check out around your college. There's bound to be co-ops.
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