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Thread: Nachi.B's (political) message

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    Nachi.B's (political) message

    On Thursday, Nachi.B aka Welchia.B hit.
    Nachi.A was the worm that spread through the DCOM RPC, then tried to download and install the patch for it.

    Now, the B-variant tries doing the same. Also, it tries to remove MyDoom.A and MyDoom.B, and even tries to redo some of the damage they do (it overwrites the hosts file with a blank one, for example). On top of that, it tries installing the MS03-043 patch.

    Nice little virus, it seems. Untill it starts spreading and clogging up networks, of course (remember Nachi.A).

    There's another catch to the nasty/friendly little virus, though.,4149,1526328,00.asp

    At the same time, Nachi.B is making a political and educational point. If the machine has a Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) Web server and is configured for the Japanese code page, Nachi.B overwrites certain files with an HTML page containing the following text:


    1937.12.13 300,000 !

    1945.8.6 Little boy
    1945.8.9 Fatso

    Let history tell future !

    So what's all this about? The numbers aren't URLs. Rather, they are dates that relate to World War II. Security vendor iDEFENSE Inc. deciphered the page.

    Here's the key:

    September 18, 1931. Japan invaded Manchuria, renames it Manchukuo.
    July 7, 1937. The Japanese army attacked China in the "Marco Polo Bridge Incident."
    December 13, 1937. The Battle of Nanjing ended as the Japanese took the city and commenced three months of atrocities.
    December 7, 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor.
    August 6, 1945. The United States dropped the "Little boy" atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
    August 9, 1945. The "Fat man" bomb struck Nagasaki.
    August 15, 1945. Victory in Japan (VJ Day) riot in San Francisco while the city was celebrating.
    August 15, 1945. South Korea liberated from Japanese rule.
    Is this the new weapon of hacktivists? Spreading political messages through "friendly" virii?

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    If I may say that is a pretty lame attempt at getting support. I've seen many messages delivered through viruses and worms. I've even heard of defacing a website because someone needed to deliver a political message, or perhaps disagreed with someone.

    This is a bit extreme however. I've heard of straddling the fence but this is preposterous.
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    hacktivists.. friendly ? I dunno about friendly.. they seem to be holding grudges.

    pretty interesting 'tho..

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    Friendly virii is an interesting point. Theres nothing in the definition of virii that says it has to be malicious.

    virus n.

    [from the obvious analogy with biological viruses, via SF] A cracker program that searches out other programs and `infects' them by embedding a copy of itself in them, so that they become Trojan horses. When these programs are executed, the embedded virus is executed too, thus propagating the `infection'. This normally happens invisibly to the user. Unlike a worm, a virus cannot infect other computers without assistance. It is propagated by vectors such as humans trading programs with their friends (see SEX). The virus may do nothing but propagate itself and then allow the program to run normally. Usually, however, after propagating silently for a while, it starts doing things like writing cute messages on the terminal or playing strange tricks with the display (some viruses include nice display hacks). Many nasty viruses, written by particularly perversely minded crackers, do irreversible damage, like nuking all the user's files.

    In the 1990s, viruses have become a serious problem, especially among IBM PC and Macintosh users; the lack of security on these machines enables viruses to spread easily, even infecting the operating system (Unix machines, by contrast, are immune to such attacks). The production of special anti-virus software has become an industry, and a number of exaggerated media reports have caused outbreaks of near hysteria among users; many lusers tend to blame everything that doesn't work as they had expected on virus attacks. Accordingly, this sense of `virus' has passed not only into techspeak but into also popular usage (where it is often incorrectly used to denote a worm or even a Trojan horse). See phage; compare back door; see also Unix conspiracy.
    Taken right from the AO jargon file. This is kinda one of those cases like the people who hack child porn sites. While their mind is in the right place, they are still breaking the law. However, i think many users are not educated enough to see a difference between 'friendly' viruses and not so friendly ones. To most of the people i know, a virus is a virus, and all viruses do bad things. Question is, are they positive this virus is friendly? I dunno, im kinda getting a vibe here that it might have a little delayed release stuff going on.

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    Thanks for the definition slick. Basically it is a useless piece of **** written by people of the same likening. As usual patch viruses cause huge amounts of traffic and practially DoS the people it is trying to "help." I have a feeling if you look at the code it is bad as well. Leave the patching up to people the people who own the stuff and take your message elsewhere.


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    You bring up a good point. While I never launched any attacks on child porn sites. I did manages to give some racist sites some good old fashioned hell. I will say that I now know I was wrong. There are other ways to voice my opinions, one of them is here.

    I guess most people whom go through this stage eventually grow up. The problem is there will always be a younger generation to take their place, so this vicious circle will always exist.

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    I guess most people whom go through this stage eventually grow up. The problem is there will always be a younger generation to take their place, so this vicious circle will always exist.
    I guess we'll have the mob "deal" with them. Lol..


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    Looks like the Japanese anti-war lobby to me?

    They have just sent /are sending troops to Iraq?


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    Not sure you can call a virus "friendly" when It carries out a DoS on your network. Remember MSBlast was 7kb(?) and the patch to fix it is 1.4Mb...... So you use 200,000 times the bandwidth per infected machine in an uncontrolled fashion...... yep, that's friendly....
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    I was puzzled about this, too.. the 'message' isn't overtly anti-anything, but does trace some of the low points of Japan's work in the last world war. The 'let history tell the future' is a strange one, but I can propose two things:
    a) you're right, it's people in Japan (or some nation wronged by them) spouting off about Japan's first military deployment since that war.
    b) someone is going after the fact that Japan still doesn't recognize anything they did in that war as bad. Not in their history books.

    Either way, I wish one of these hacktivists would just spell it out alreay. Stop with the cryptic messages.


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