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Thread: Port Scanning

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    Port Scanning

    I was reading some cisco articles, and I came about an article on network threats.
    It classified port scanning as an attack under "network reconnaissance." I occasionaly port scan sites to see what services they are running. It's helped a lot in finding out which port runs a MUD server. I don't mean to search for any backdoors. Do administrators really worry about port scans? Could I ever get into legal trouble for port scanning?
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    Well I don't know about laws in other countries, but I do know port scanning other's computers is illegal in Belgium (thank VictorKaum for that). I don't think many admins will really worry about port scans, they might be a sign of a possible intrusion attempt but port scans are done that often...
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    Port scans are controversal because " only leads to one thing.. breaking in" in the media's eyes. While most hackers and security consultants understand it is merely a precheck which can be used for MANY reasons, the community outside of us doesn't.

    While we liken it to:

    Running up to a house, checking to see where the windows are, where the doors are, the vents, and then jiggling doornnob handles, checking to see if they are all open and what is inside of them, but not forcing our way in, just looking out of curiosity.

    What they liken it to:

    Running up to a house, spying on all of the windows, doors and vents. Spying on the inside contents. Which ALWAYS leads to a break in.

    While both are very similar but in different words, notice they eyes see it in a much more negative view, along with being sure of themselves that a break in always and must follow such activity. What would a court decide? Some port scanners get busted others don't, so it is very hazy. There are a few thin lines, but in the end it simply comes down to the judge, consequence, and happenstance that day.

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    yes cyber laws differ from country 2 country.u live in the us where i am sure it is logged.I hope u use proxies coz they wont see that u are jut learning things and not lookingfor open ports.
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    I only scan those who scan me

    Good defence in a democratic country?


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    Heres something that I heard one time from a sys-admin

    Port scanning is the same as walking past a house and looking into the open the windows. As long as you don't step inside your ok, but once you step inside your breaking in.

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