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Thread: Newbie deletes needed files!

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    Exclamation Newbie deletes needed files!

    Arghh! I was tinkering with windows system and i think i've deleted some needed files. (using WindowsMe) does anyone know of anywhere i can get a freeware recovery utility that will recover deleted files from the windows recycle bin?

    Whats happening is icons on various pages aren't showing up at all. This forum shows up fine but other sites are just text and nothing else but empty tables and frames.

    Any help would be glady recieved.

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    There is a similar topic here where I also posted a copy of a free program wich alows you to recover files in Windows considering that they haven't be over written.

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    there's a lot of threads here about recovering files.. here's one thread in which I posted the links to other threads.

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    Thanks for the link HDD but i downloaded and unzipped it and when i click on the restoration icon it says ll16.dll was not found. I rebooted it but it still didn't work and when i checked the file Dll16.dll is there in a file called rest 2514 and unzipped but it can't find it.

    sumdumguy i'll check your link and see if i can get any further. Arggh i thought i had it then aswell! I guess my comp just doesn't like me tonight.

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    Not too sure of your problem mate? with Win Me you have recovery points you can go back to? what were you doing and what did you delete?

    Your flag is you live here.............if so, and the other guys haven't sorted you out, PM me (AO Personal message) and we can talk on the is only a penny a minute?

    Then you can post the answer, which might help others?

    Good Luck

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    Eonfire that dll is included in the original archive and all files are unpacked to the same directory. are you running it from the folder it was unpacked to?
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    Nah i put it on the desktop, thought it would work form there! Thanks i'm onto it now, it's working.

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    Well i've restored the files that came up and the problem still hasn't been solved.

    I was ranting about microsoft in another forum here in a thread called something like "is microsoft spying on me?" so maybe they've seen it and have decided to mess my computer up! (this problem occured two hours later lol, but i'm pretty sure it was my own fault.)

    Ha, i dunno i guess it's time to reinstall windows because i don't know what the hell to do now. Thanks for the help anyway, maybe in the future i'll make a log of what i've deleted and exactly where i deleted it from just incase something like this happens again.

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    now is a good time to install a more stable OS.. winME bites..

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    Yeah i would do but i'm broke at the moment. I've just been told in another forum that i might have a virus that infects the BIOS of my comp, do virus scanners scan your BIOS aswell?

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