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Thread: Can't Read All Threads

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    Can't Read All Threads

    Ok, I get it

    Pick on the new guy


    But come on

    I'm new so I can't read all the forums i.e. Operating Systems?

    I run Fedora and WinDoze XP

    I want to see whats being said


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    Umm.. perhaps you can clarify. What do you mean "WHAT GIVES!?"? What are you referring to?

    And you don't have to read all the threads. If you are looking for an answer and want to see if someone else has asked, use the Search feature.
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    What is the error message it gives you if any?

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    WinDoze XP eh? Wow. Sounds like a cool OS. Next question, what the hell are you talking about? Last question, are you on crack? That post you made makes no sense.


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    I think that he might be talking about the Addicts forum ?? That's my guess.

    Well if that's your question [ Guessing over here ] you have to have a certain amount of posts before you are allowed to read or post in that forum.

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    if he stated the Operating Systems forum then it's not just addicts he can't see.

    I find it strange that some forum sections would be visable and not others.

    saying that you run Fedora is not enough info.. what browser are you using ?

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