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Thread: Windows Nt 4.0 Password Prob

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    Windows Nt 4.0 Password Prob

    I know this isnt very technical but I have my girlfriend on the phone and she cant remember her Amin PW for NT 4.0. She can However log in as a user but she has no rights to install anything. What is the easiest way for us to recover the admin PW keeping in mind she has no rights to install any software as a user?? Any Help is much appreciated Thanks

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    thats a difficlt one.she will have to copy th eencrypted password file on someonee elses pc and decrypt it with some software

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    <hogfly fart>

    to understand that above comment you would of had to been around for a year or more.

    and it was directed at gizmofreak..

    rcb116.. you're new.. welcome to AO but have a good look around at other posts here.. read all you can of the FAQ's and similiar posts.. do a forum search on topics/phrases that interest you.. and don't let any negative antipoints "get to you".. read pwaring's (non-security) tut on how to ask the right questions.. and all the stickies you see in each forum area..

    have a nice few days.. it should take that long to complete that task.

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    take a look at my tutorial... this also goes for nt4.0:

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    Since she has physical access to the computer, all she has to do is download and download the image and burn it do CD. Then boot off it and it'll reset the admin password to a blank password.
    WARNING: While this works for 90% of the people, some people have had problems with it fux0ring their installation.

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    your right cgkanchi,
    the only times i have problems with this program is when there is no floppydrive in the system, cause it is trying to mount it when probing for scsi-drivers, even when you run this program from cd...

    but i've found a cd with this program and a lot of other usefull programs on it, which can be downloaded and is all shareware:

    you can even adjust the cd by adding new images of floppies to it and changing the menu...
    it is a real nice cd!

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    I think we need to be a bit careful here?

    1. Is the machine on a network?
    2. Does it have a cd writer or just a read only drive?
    3. Has it already got the software to support a ZIP or ls120 drive?

    I would recommend doing some serious housekeeping and then saving important files like e-mails, e-mail archives, office documents (including spreadssheets & databases), address books, favourites etc.

    If you are networked that is easy enough, also if you can burn the data to CDs, otherwise you will have problems with file sizes? I don't know what authority the "user" account has.....might be possible to set up a null modem cable connection to another will take a long time

    Another alternative would be to find one of these online storage/repository sites and upload it to there (provided it is not confidential)?

    Good luck

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    I would like to thank everyone for their help but unfortunatly I live in NJ and the GF is 6 hours away in Canada and I tried to do a walk through with her on the info I recieved from all of you but she doesnt even know what a path is so I just told her how to reinstall NT cause of my lack of patience. Now, due to windows wonderfull "Plug and PRAY" feature her modem isnt working so I have another issue to deal with. But I would like to thank everyone. I think I just have to install PC Anywhere next weekend when I go up there and then all problems solved. Thanks again

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