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Thread: Win patrol 6.5

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    Win patrol 6.5

    Was surfing the net and I had come across this software program. I believe it will be useful to alot of people.

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    Has anyone here tried this program yet? It appears to be an all in one for us. Sure would reduce the number of shortcuts on the task bar....

    Thanks for the link DeadAddict

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    i dont know if i could handle scotty the security watchdog standing in my systray other than that it sounds pretty cool
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    I think nihil mentions this program in 3 out of 10 security threads he posts to

    never tried it myself.. RUFF RUFF..

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    I have seen it mention before, but have never tried it. I think I will though. Let you now what I think of it in a few days.
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    sdg is correct (as usual )

    I have been a fan of this software for about three years now.

    It has progressively been enhanced with more and more tools. It is very intuitive and user friendly, so is good for non-literate types.

    The little dog is a bit of a pain in the butt (you can switch the barking off) but great social engineering for young children....................gets them thinking about security?

    I have now upgraded on 98/98se/Me/W2k and XP pro boxes........absolutely no problems

    It is free for personal use, and there is a "pro" version that you can buy.

    Please give it a may not be "for you" but I am willing to bet you know several people it would work for.


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