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Thread: IP / Network Name Scan - Diagnostics

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    Question IP / Network Name Scan - Diagnostics

    I am not new to these forums. I have been reading threads on this board for about a year and a half and have learned so much. It was recently that I needed some info and thought this would be a great place to ask. I've recently become a network admin at a local private school. The IS manager is a real slob and keeps no records or documentation of hardware, MAC addresses, IP (static) address, or anything that pertains to our network. I've been working now as the Net Admin for 6 months and I'm tired of physically walking to each classroom and lab to take an inventory of the network. I might be being vague so please let me know if anyone needs more information. All of the boxes are WInTel (except for the firewall box wchich is runnig FreeBSD).

    Oh...I almost forgot the there a diagnostic tool that I can run on a box that will give me all of the IP addresses, MAC addresses, Network names, and even maybe information about the boxes connected (hardware periferals) and info about the switches and routers?

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    LANguard from GFI
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    Thank you for your generous info.

    But unfortunately I can't justify purchasing software, especially since we are working with a deficit budget.

    Are there any freeware tools that will do the trick? Are there any other more robust and comprehensive tools that will inventory everything about the machines (or as much info. as possible about the machinces and net. hardware connected to the network)?

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    Just download the 30 day trial.

    Its has all the features of the full version.

    If you need it again later, uninstall it and reinstall and it works for another 30 days.


    If you need a program to see if you have all Microsoft updates on your machines, heres a free program from microsoft that is good.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I'm still interested in someting a little more hardware (MAC, IP, Hardware config. - boxex/switches/hubs) oriented. A little less on the security side (I've already run Nessus for vaun.).


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    Hey Hey,

    LANGuard is still the way you want to go. It will return the MAC and IP Addresses of the machines on your network. Also checking for vulns is one thing, but checking for patches is another and it's something that you should do. As long as you have admin priviledges GFI will tell you which patches are installed and you can even set it up to deploy the patches. You should also start looking into programs like MBSA that cheyenne mentioned and also SUS. If you are interested in your networking hardware, check out the SolarWinds 2002 Engineers Edition. It has tools for handling cisco configs remotely, mapping switch ports and MAC Addresses as well as a whole slew of other networking tools. It is rather expensive software but like LANGuard you can download a 30 day demo, which should meet your needs. You can find it on


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    re: GFI LanGuard

    I didn't see anyone point this out, so i'm going to add my thoughts even though the thread is a bit old.

    GFI Languard will return an enormous amount of useful information. MAC, open ports, users logged on, wkst name, OS, hardware stats, etc.

    But, the best part is that it is free. The only thing you loose after the trial period is the ability to remotely patch the vulnerabilities LanGuard identifies. That it is.

    So, if you can only run MS boxes, go w/ LanGuard. But, as I believe another poster already pointed out, if you can get a *nix box into the enterprise, go w/ Nessus.

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    Although it is not quite as feature rich as the aforementioned utilities, I use ipscan quite a bit. It is very fast and lightweight too!

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    There is maybe one other that could do that you want, it is more in the way of a hack utility but it does report mac id's. Cain&Able will list most everything on the network.
    maybe you can use it .
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    If you are looking for more hardware your should try R3X, works under win 2k or win XP. and its free just search google for it.

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