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    Lightbulb !port 19:Chargen!

    I was port scanning yesterday to look for some computers to play around with, when i came upon an IP address that had port 19, chargen open. I THINK that the port does something like send back encrypted information. I heard that a computer can be cut off or crashed because of too many connections on the chargen port at the same time. Although I in no way wish to do anything malicious, i would just like to know more about this port.
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    Umm yea, somebody's has already negged your for this post so you'd be wise to delete it... By stating that you were looking for some computers to play around with, I'm hoping that those were computers are on your local LAN in which you have permission to scan and such.. If not, you should discontinue those activities as soon as possible.. You should not be scanning other machines and networks without permission from the Admin, ISP, etc...
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