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    Why are you so...

    Why are you closin the threads, where is somebody asking "how to hack" ?I think, the most experience you have the less you want hack somebodys computer. Why dont you just explain them, that they are doing bad? I think, giving them "bad" antipoints isnt the only way. And if you give me "bad" antipoints for this thread, then you are just fools. (my english isnt really good, but i hope you will understand what I think)

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    You can judge everyone. Every member gives AP's whenever he/she will. There are about 300 threads about asking how to hack, and we explain in every one of them that AO is not about hacking. IF some newbies gets negative AP's than he has to deal with it. We have discussed many times about giving Negative AP's to newbies. and most seniors/addicts, dont give out negative AP's to newbies untill they reach about 20 pots. If he asks how to hack after 20 posts i think he deserves to get banned.

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    I don't like hackers (modern sense) and a lot of people here feel the same.

    However, I do not normally attack people who ask these sort of questions, as I feel that it is my duty to educate them if possible?

    I am particularly concerned about those who are "over enthusiastic" rather than malicious........these people will get themselves kicked out of school/college or fired from their jobs..............they just don't know enough

    True idiots are fairly easy to detect, and are NOT tolerated here.

    The reason to close a thread is to protect someone who has posted something that might get them in trouble...........otherwise it would be left open and they would get banned?


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    Most threads are closed because we either get complaints from members (from the little report button) or else they don't fit the security based nature of AntiOnline.

    It's pretty simple.

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    There have been many hacking threads as of these past few weeks. Hacking threads bore me. Infact one of the reasons why I signed up here was because it was the void of most childish questions which you would normally see ending up flooding and destroying most boards.

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    i agree good questions deserve good answers but wannabe malicious kiddies can go to hell! Anti-points are the way in which members have their say about which direction these forums will take. if someones a bad seed they get banned and we're not plagued with script kiddies that only want to break things, learn nothing and help no one 1337ing up the boards.
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    Why are you closin the threads, where is somebody asking "how to hack" ?
    So the person doesnt turn into a neg magnet. And even if one person explains it to the person, theres always someone else thats going to neg him/her. Better a closed thread than a banned member?

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    i love hackers!!
    i hate "crackers"
    there is a difference between the 2 to the media a "hacker" goes into a system and destroys everything as well as steals things.....this isnt true...a hacker is a person that loves knowledge and enjoys using his or her computer to aid in this pursuit of knowledge,a cracker cracks passwords for the intent to steal files and destroy "the system"...please dont buy into the media "hype" and the "fear" the general public has of "hackers"
    many hackers have been responsible for great things being RICHARD STALLMAN...and that is just one out of many great hackers.

    please dont buy into the fear.


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    Many of us here are system admins, teachers, and kids as well. I'm speaking for the system admin side, that we do not really appreciate people asking us how to hack. Its easy as that...we do not spoonfeed anyone the information. Although there are some rare cases, most of the people who ask about hacking, they ask in such way that they imediately reveal themselves as being little kids trying to do something stupid which could seriously get them into trouble. In a way we care about each other in here and we do not want anyone to get expelled from school or get fired, so we would rather give them the advice to seek a different aproach into hacking. I'm not a hacker, but I am getting into the business by going to school and taking the right classes, reading as much as I can about it, and testing in Isolated labs. I would ask certain questions about hacking only when I must and its usually for a very specific issue, rather than "How can I hack....". I hope you get my point. It also is very annoying when it is clearly stated in the front page of AO, as soon as you open the page, that we are not here to teach anyone about any malicious activities. Some newer senior members are more patient with these type of questions than some older ones, maybe because they're not tired of it yet . Hope this clears any confusion you might have.


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