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Thread: Win XP restart w/ closed laptop

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    Win XP restart w/ closed laptop

    I've got Windows XP home edition on a Hewlett Packard Laptop.
    I'm using it as a desktop with external monitor, keyboard, mouse.
    The computer is shut, when I go to restart the computer in windows it won't restart, it only shutsdown. I am assuming this is due to the closed lid.
    I've checked in control panel, power options, nothing there ( only actions to take when someone shuts the lid, not if it's already shut )
    i also tried running 'shutdown -r' from the command line, same story, it only shuts down, not restarts, anyone have any ideas?

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    Hah...........................could be the dreaded HP power management feature?

    When you are using it as a desktop, try turning off the power saving features, it might help.

    What model & how old is it?

    I have had a lot of problems with HP generally have to reboot?


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    Its a Pavilion 5000, a little over a year old, 2ghz p4
    it has no hp power management interface, only hp utilites such as tvnow, presentation ready, etc. but no power management
    I dropped the laptop, breaking the screen, gave it to my parents to use and they're not too keen on opening it up and restarting it everytime they need to power down or restart.
    (Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks)

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    I am guessing that if the lid is closed you actually "press a button" somewhere inside.........having dropped it you might have activated it as a new "feature"?

    To be perfectly honest I think that you are lucky that it works at all?

    With the lid closed I would actually expect it to shutdown only............what happens if you restart with the lid up?


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    I'm getting booted off my computer by my oldest daughter so I can only provide you with what I found so far.. what might be needed that I haven't found yet is a bios update..

    please read all of this from HP's suppport site

    another thing you can do is use the advanced search at hp's support.. it's not a forum per-se but the search feature works great.. if you limit things just right. don't use the search at the top.. the advanced part just below that. and for the catagories choose pc system troubleshooting.. you could also choose other catagories like pcno boot, no start.. but you're best bet is the pc system ts..

    advanced search at hp's support

    just in case the links don't quite work right.. I'll copy what was said in the first link I gave you.
    You asked the question:
    "Pavilion 5000 "no restart" "when closed""

    problem :
    "I have a presario 5000 and it wont restart--it works fine other wise but if you go to restart it,it shutsdown and the monitor goes into like standby mode and cant get system to come back up. You have to turn power completely off and let sit for approx an hour and then turn power back on and everything comes back up."

    KarthikeyanR on 12/15/2002 answered:
    "To solve this problem, try reinstalling power management in your system. Before reinstalling Power Management, enter the Setup menu by pressing F10 during Startup and ensure that the Power Management feature is enabled.

    To reinstall Power Management, perform the following steps:

    1. Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties.
    2. Click the Device Manager tab.
    3. Double-click System Devices.
    4. Click Advanced Power Management to highlight it.
    5. Click Remove.
    6. Close the System Properties window and restart the computer.

    After the computer restarts, perform the following steps:

    1. Click Start, select Settings, and choose Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Add New Hardware.
    3. Click Next at every prompt until you reach the Finish button.
    4. Click Finish.

    Now, Power Management is installed in your computer. Then, double-click the Power Management icon to set your timeout preferences.
    You may also check the following site regarding Shutdown problems: aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q202633"

    I am running Windows Xp--not 98--are the instructions still the same?"

    next reply :
    "Should still be a sufficient solution. The key here is the APM, wich is reinstalled in much the same way in any modern windows. And the BIOS settings are the same in any case."

    next reply :
    Did you reinstall power management as told by Karthikeyan?
    If the problem continues, even after reinstallation, you have to install the ROMPaq update available from the Compaq software and drivers website."

    next reply :
    "I didnt complete because I am running windows xp and I think instructions were for 98 but I could be wrong,couldnt find some things in the instructions--any suggestions would be appreciated"


    "Okay now I have completed reinstalling power management and still have same problem still no restart function."

    KarthikeyanR on 12/18/2002 answered:
    "The steps for reinstalling power management in Windows XP are as follows:

    1. Click Start, select Control Panel, and then choose Performance and Maintenance.
    2. Click the System icon to open the System properties window.
    3. Select the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
    4. Click the plus (+) sign next to System Devices.
    5. Right-click the ACPI Fixed Features button and select Uninstall.
    6. Restart the system.

    On restarting the system, Windows will automatically detect and install Power Management on the computer. Now see if the computer restarts properly."

    some replies omitted, then..

    I suggest that you install the updated BIOS to solve this problem. The updated BIOS can be downloaded at the following URL: asp

    but that link now redirects to just the generic hp support page.. need to find the ROMpaq listings..

    btw, I'm working on a compaq website that's run by a frend of mine.. I'm currently trying compile all the softpaq listings.. rompaqs will probably be harder as I have no starting place now that hp changed all their stuff around.. I'll be back later.. my daughter is getting steaming mad at me.. geeze.. kids.. heh.. they want want want..

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