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Thread: Carolyn Meinel's Uberhacker I&II

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    Carolyn Meinel's Uberhacker I&II

    Has anyone read either Uberhacker 1 or 2? I might be buying it soon and i want to see if its worth the money.
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    I have read it, and all of her tutorials and guides. Here is my summary.

    1. She is a nutcase
    2. Her methods are sloppy and not streamlined
    3. She dumbs down the basics.
    4. However, she is HIGHLY effective for people just first starting out into security. If you read her books for the information, rather than her crazed opinions, then you can walk out with a solid ground below your feet.

    So in short, I hate the woman, but grew up with her tutorials and lessons that, while were not the best in the world, did a very good job of being my first simple footsteps.

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