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Thread: Yet another story on Gigabyte the VXer with boobs

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    Yet another story on Gigabyte the VXer with boobs

    February 14, 2004
    Rumor confirmed: Gigabyte arrested
    19-year-old female virus writer Gigabyte was arrested by Belgian authorities on Monday, February 9th. Charged with computer data sabatoge, Gigabyte could serve as much as 3 years in prison. She also faces a possible fine up to as much as $167,000 Cdn. Gigabyte's real name has not yet been released.

    Actually her virii aren't anything unusual. Most of her worms are just the average outlook/IRC-dcc spreading crap. When ever one does actually make it into the wild it doesn't spead nearly as badly as some of the other crap out there. And I kinda agree that if you make the programs its not your fault if peaple tend to modify and abuse them and also it does sounds like they are just out to scare peaple. However I did hear that she personally and purposly spread yahasux.

    **** it... I found it interesting "(unlike the other hyped up BS involveing Giga most of which has nothing to do with virus writeing or the VX scene)" and I didn't see it posted here. !enjoy!

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    now adays... ANYONE can make a virus or worm... I read an article the other day which prompted some searching... look what I found... a whole site for the purpose of keeping an archive of virus/worm generators... just point and click! thats how easy it has become now... They have a whole archive there... code, engines, toolz... pretty crazy that anyone can have access to this kind of stuff... all it takes is a simple search...

    But... back to Gigabyte... she was "asking" for it... I've seen several interviews/articles featuring her... do something illegal.. get arrested. cause lots of damage... get arrested... thats how this type of thing works...
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    She has been "19" for longer than my wife has been "thirtysomething"

    As |The|Specialist correctly observes: nothing unusual

    A bit of "media hype" because she is female?

    She hardly hid herself did she? After a while even the authorities will do something?

    Just a few thoughts

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    gigabyte! i kinda feel like making it with her again...(i felt like making it with her a couple of weeks ago)

    according to all the reports ive read she isn't being charged with releasing any of the viruses she just posted them on her web site which was taken down, they said after searching her machines she was preparing to post a few new ones when she was arrested. Neg says that its not against the law there to write them so i guess this is going to be a test case to see if posting them constitutes distribution and therefore makes her responsible for what happens. if she is convicted this might have some far reaching reprocussions
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