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Thread: Campus Restarting My Machine!

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    Angry Campus Restarting My Machine!

    Whenever I'm downloading a file on Mirc, my machine restarts (it seems my computer only gets restarted when I'm using a lot of bandwidth) . Is it possible that the campus has something set up to restart machines that are using a lot of bandwidth to stop file sharing? (in this case - music). What can I do to prevent this? I'm using a Win XP Pro box with Black Ice as my firewall.


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    Did you have to joing the campus domain to get internet access? If so the domain controller should be able to restart your machine through Group Policy.
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    Is there a way I can put a stop to it?

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    Also, it is bizzare that when I use high bandwidth downloading from FTP or a webserver, my machine dosen't get restarted. (im downlading the latest PHLAK ISO ). Maybe it's a vauln. in my IRC client or a DoS attack that my firewall dosen't pick up. grrrrrr. lol

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    I don't think that it is bandwidth, nor do you I gather from your posts?

    I would go for uninstall and reinstall of the IRC client, it could be corrupted.

    It could be that the site or file type are being monitored?............but I find that strange, as most Sysadmins would send you a rude message, not shut down your machine.........after all you could accuse them of losing you a lot of valuable course work?

    Have you downloaded the latest AV definitions and run them in safe mode?

    At this stage I would go for corrupt IRC client.........try replacing that and running the AV and let us know how you get on.

    Good luck

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    Exclamation's the client. Actually the flaw is in the script of the client. The client was an older "tweaked" version that left it susceptible to attacks.

    Thanks for your helpful and appropriate advice!

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    Just as I submitted that reply, my machine restarted . Oh well, I'm going to try one more thing (installing a "clean" version of IRC - MIRC 6.12 - 30 day trial).

    I'll keep you updated....

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    I give up. Thanks for all your replies!

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    Hey Hey,

    I know you've given up but I'm kinda curious about this. Do you have AV software? Have you scanned for trojans? get fport from and run it, see what ports you have open and what processes they are attached to. Did you tell Black Ice to allow an application that you prolly shouldn't have? I dunno what your college has set-up if you are NAT'd or if you have a public IP, however if you have a public IP, it's possible that you are only having this problem when you are on IRC because you connect and someone sees your IP and decides to scan you, finds the trojan and connects and shuts down your system. I'm just throwing out an idea here, you can tell me if it's feasible based on the set-up they are running at your campus


    Hell it could even be a mIRC script that's causing the problems. Why don't you try another client and see if you have any success.

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    Thank you for your concern.

    I have run GFI LanScan and I had a couple of ports open (non suspect).

    I have also installed 3 different clients and tested all of them with the same result.

    I'm not sure if the IP is public.



    Also, I have recieved emails about file sharing and music downloading which make me wonder.


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