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Thread: Replace Service Tag or Asset Information.

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    Replace Service Tag or Asset Information.

    I just recently had an issue installing a BIOS password on my laptop after Dell Replaced the motherboard. It seems that they never replaced the Service Tag number, so if anyone out there ever has this issue there is an easy fix.

    To change your Asset Tag, Service Tag, or Owner Name.

    Step 1: Build a Win98 Boot Disk (Cd or Floppy)
    Step 2: Add the file (can be found on or Internet)
    Step 3: Boot off the media
    Step 4: Run The Command
    a:\ asset (asset id)
    a:\ asset /s (service tag)
    a:\ asset /o (owner name or number)
    Step 5: Restart the system.

    I know this seems very simple and may not be a process that will be used often. I just wanted to make it available for anyone if they needed it.

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    this program is also good for beinging computers out of the Manufacturing mode of the system board, then do a bios update...

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