Hey Hey everyone....

I've been using this software for a while now and I thought it was time to share it with everyone. The Magic software is DQSD or Dave's Quick Search Deskbar which is available from http://www.dqsd.net/

This software is in my opinion the most vital piece of software anyone could use. I can type in text and it'll automatically open a browser and search google for that text. If i type the text followed by a bang, it'll automatically load the first result returned by google. It'll also let you search every other major search engine by typing a keyword (yh or aj). Some are very cool. I can type in What is a NIC??? and those three question marks tell it to search ask jeeves. It get's better though. It has several built in functions such as a calculator, an alarm, a calendar (which will link with yahoo, msn, outlook, or one of several other calendars), AIM IM's, Base COnversions, temp conversions, rot13 encoding, hex to text, chmod conversions, and several others.

It will also search other sites as well using keywords such as ebay, amazon and others. There is a whole slew of computer ones as well such as php, mys[ql], cpp and more. They will all search the "standard reference site" for those products.

It is all done with xml, jS and so on, so you can easily code your own search pages with options to be included and if your coding skills aren't that good there is still a local aliases file that you can use to create simple aliases cmd|run cmd will cause the command prompt to run when you type cmd in the box. ao|http://www.antionline.com would cause AO to launch when you typed ao in the search box. you can modify the CSS to change how it looks.

It is quite versatile and quite handy. I'd highly recommend that everyone check it out.