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Thread: WINS >> DNS Migration??

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    Question WINS >> DNS Migration??

    Hey All,

    I have recently taken a job at a new company and need some advice. We are running a NT 4 Server Domain right now with 1PDC and 3 BDC's. We have a server 2003 which is not configured yet, but will be soon.

    We currently use WINS for name resolution and my boss approached me about switching to DNS. I am all for it because we may be planning to move out of the Windows NT Domain model and into Active Directory on the Server 2003. Alsio, there is no DHCP, everything currently has static assigned addresses, something else I am wanting to move away from.

    Since DNS is required for Active Directory deployment I am thinking of setting it up on the Server 2003 box so I at least have that set up and tested before the rest of the migration. I am thinking that I would like to Implement the DNS server locally(right now we are using DNS servers on the internet) make sure it is stable and the decommisioning the WINS servers. With the implamentation of DNS locally we can reduce our T1 usage for iterative and recursive queries for DNS and I am all about making more bandwidth :-)

    I am a very methodical person, and have not found any "procedures" that relate to my situation, (planning, deploying DNS and removing WINS from a Windows NT4 Server, Server 2003 environment).

    Anyone have any resources, or advice from anyone who has gone through this??
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    I'm not really sure I can help you I'm also planning a Nt to 2003 migration.

    1) Check if your PDB and 3 BDC can run Windows 2003 (Hardware Wise). Some old server hardware don't have 2003 drivers.

    2) If all your IP have static address, I highly recommend keeping it! It's secure, logging is easier with IP address.

    3) Your first DNS server should be on the same server that your Active Directory. This put the DNS server fully implend in the Active Directory. (Very Recommand). So if you're planing to upgrade your PDB to 2003, I don't recommend setting a DNS server before on another server.

    4) If you want to start a fresh domain, be free to but I recommend do it on the week-end. I have no idea what a DNS/AD 2003 with a Trust Relationnship with a 2003 with WINS on the same LAN can do.

    5) How much Windows 95/98 machine do you have?
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    I know this isnt completely what your looking for but if you setup dhcp on your NT boxes first this lil doc I wrote a while ago may prove useful for converting your info to AD.
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