It is done! Although the spokesman of INTEL did not comment on this evolution yet, the partners of INTEL started with the opening of the IDF has to speak about technology CT (Clackamas Technology). In the past known under the name of code of YamHill, this extension 64 bits to the instruction set IA32 bears from now on the name of "IA32E Extended Technology". Activated on Nocona (Xeon Prescott), it should however arrive oin the offices only with Tejas, as we had predicted. One can see here confirmation on slides of HP and nVidia published by Tecchannel. (See Image Lowers)

In the same way, a Russian source good known teaches us that there will not be although only one version of Windows XP 64 bits and that this one is planned for the second six-month period. Baptized "Windows XP for 64-bit Extended System" and not "Windows XP for AMD64", this version should function with Xeon CT like with Opteron and other Athlon 64. It is besides probably for this reason that Microsoft has to delay the release of this version, initially envisaged, point out it, for Q3' 03. However, if OS is identical for the two versions, we do not know yet anything about the compatibility of the programs developed for one or the other the processors.

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