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Thread: A challenge from my teacher.

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    Antionline is not for Hacking purpose... You may go to another forum which provide hacker information. there's web site which you can look for... just need some effort... "" here bunch of lists site.

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    I would just bust the firewall and go from there....
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    i agree wit c1bryd and i dont trust with your "****"
    what class do you take ?
    i hope not a joking class

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    Well Small Big Mouth

    All my friends tell me that... though its true GOOD THINGS COMES IN SMALLER PACKAGES... hehehe. Well MoonWolf a little bit of social engineering is not cheating... For the timebeing dont discuss it with your teacher... and accept your failure... then get hold of a trojan horse like "Tron" from or RIP from and try to execute that trojan server.exe in your teachers lappy... how do you?... thats upto you... yes ofcourse if its a windows OS... thats where ur social engineering skill will be tested... then BOOM... put the ip in the client and connect.

    Sorry fellas for sugesting this in here but i dont like to be mean cus if its concerned with computers then its all right discussing in here... dont know what the senious will feel or judge this post like but this is not hacking methodology i wanted to discuss rather i look it as a way things can be manipulated... if his teacher is cautious enough he wont suceed... sometimes i feel good knowledge can be obtained doing some very little unscrupulous activity... finally isnt it true that to Knowledge is bliss... whichever way it comes... good way or little roundabout way... doesnt matter... the main reason for me to post this reply is that i need him to get aware as well as his teacher to get aware of the reality...
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    You could try booting a live linux distro like Knoppix STD and use ettercap to sniff all his network traffic until you find something juicy.

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    If theres no traffic able to come into the laptop by means of a firewall, chances are there is no data that will go out so that you can sniff it.

    I would still try and bust the firewall by means of ddos, just flood it until so much cpu power is taken up on the lappy to filter and drop packets, so that it either halts, or windows it forced to end the task.

    Then go from there. Cuz if nothing can come in, then, well, your completely screwed.
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    Well, a good idea would be that trojan idea if used properly...first of all if he has an AV it will most likely detect this trojan, although if he doesn't you can set it to auto-start on a CD-ROM (don't know exactly how) then you pop in the CD while he isn't looking then when he isn't looking again take it back out then try to disable the firewall or install a keylogger might get something usefull out of it. The LC4 idea is really good as well as the idea to slow your port scanner speed down a bit. Look for some security bugs and pray that he hasn't already patched them :P Social Engineering would be your best bet. Can't think of any good ideas at the moment. How long does this challenge last?

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    Here's a technique I use in school all the time. If I can't finish an assignment, I change the assignment. You might not be intended to infiltrate the box at all... the rules that are set up might be insanely paranoid. Maybe instead of writing the whitepaper on how you cracked it, write a whitepaper on how you couldn't. Try as many abstract techniques as you can, including telneting every port like you said you did (although that rarely does anything). Give a huge analysis on every technique you can think of to crack the box, and say what methods were taken to prevent it. Could be a better grade than what you would have gotten...?

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